Product name:Led Panel Light

Product name:Panel Light
12-72W LED panel light
led features:High energy saving
Long life 50000 hours
Continuable 30days working temperature 43degree
Built in power supply
No flicker
The use of high-quality diodes
Large selection of colors of light Top product quality
A unique and excellent look
Light source: SMD
Power: 12-72W
300mm x 450mm/300mm x 600mm/300mm x 1200mm 600mm x 1200mm
Weight: 400g-3200g
Material: Aluminum
Color finishes: polished silver
Luminous flux: 1500-6800lm
Beam angle: 180 º
Adjustable: No or dimmable
Power: AC 110-250V
Power supply: internal, 18-72W,
Usability: 50,000 hours
Protection class: II
Available colors of light:
Natural white 4200-7000K
Cool white 7000-11000K
Warm White 2850-4200K
Red 620 - 630 nm
Blue 460 - 475 nm
Green 515 - 535 nm
Warranty: 5 years